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Dreaming Spires is Looking for Players!

Calling all RP-ers…
Tolkien characters from any age or persuasion
wanted to play in Modern Era Game!!!

Dreaming Spires is looking for players….

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Dreaming Spires is a LOTR/Silmarillion AU (Alternate Universe) RPG set in modern Arda. Specifically, today, in Oxford, England, the birthplace of JRR Tolkien himself.

The premise of the game is that Valinor, the Undying Lands of the West, have been destroyed; like Beleriand before it, the earth simply sank into the sea and is no more. You, as a character in the game, do not understand what happened or why; all you know is that you were caught up in the cataclysm, and when it was finally over, you were here, in modern Arda, in the 21st century, finding yourself drawn to the birthplace of Tolkien himself, in Oxford.
The game is played in a journal format on Greatest Journal at the community:
There is also an OOC community for the game at:

There are four options for player characters in this game.

1) Elf. Following the War of the Ring in the Third Age, the elves all retreated to Valinor, and so when it was destroyed, they found themselves back in Arda but still in their original elven bodies. Because Valinor was not part of Earth, the time between the destruction of Valinor, and the time that is Now, is not always the same for each elf. So therefore some elves may have only just arrived here having recently experienced the destriction of Valinor, while others may have been here for up to 40 years. You can choose how long your Elf has been here and what he'she has been doing to either fit into society, or avoid it.

2) Human, Hobbit, Dwarf. These three races are all mortal, therefore the canon humans, hobbits and dwarves from Tolkien's writing, will all be long-dead. However there's no reasom why their souls may not reincarnate. If you choose one of these Middle Earth races, your character will have been re-born as a human, and will have experienced an ordinary human life from birth up to his/her current age. However, all or most of his/her past-life memories will be intact. See also Option 4: Actors/Celebs.

3) Valar, Maiar, Istari. You may, if you are very persuasive, play one of these powerful races. However, numbers of these will be very limited and their powers will be either very severely curtailed, or non-existant. If you want to play a one of these, contact the Mod and we'll talk about it.

4) Actors/Celebs. There are many actors and celebrities in this world and some of them indeed live in England. However for the purposes of the game if you wish to take a celebrity, it MUST be someone who actually featured in the LOTR movies. This will maintain the focus of the game on the Tolken-verse. (And they must be actually "canon" to the real life of the actor, at least up until the filming of the LOTR films. They MUST have actually starred in the Trilogy. What they did after that, is up to you).

A special note about evil characters: There are limited opportunities for players to take evil characters, eg: Sauron, Saruman, etc. If you wish to take an evil character please contact the mods and we'll discuss it.

Note that while all characters chosen must be canon, and must be unique (ie; only one of each), it is possible for there to be both the character and also the actor that portrayed him in the movies. For instance there may be a Legolas AND an Orlando Bloom, they are not the same person.

1. The game will be slash and het friendly, and may contain adult themes. We therefore ask that players be 18. However we are not going to check, so provided that you can write and act as though you are an adult, we'll trust that you are one.

2. With that in mind, all posts containing adult material must be FRIENDSLOCKED, so that only community members can see them.

3. All in-game posts will be in the main game community Gaming may be in the form of either threaded comments, or chatlogs. Either is fine. The character's personal journals can be used in whatever way you wish, they won't be central to the game. Only posts in the community are considered "in-game". Long posts and chatlogs should be behind a lj-cut. Out of character posts should be in the OOC community, please.

4. Players MUST have either a valid email or an AIM (or other messenger) screen-name visible on their characters' profile pages. Players that can't be contacted to plot storylines, are no fun. If you're worried about privacy you can set this to be friends-only, but then please make sure you Friend the other players!

Characters currently in play are: Celebrian, Maeglin, Peregrin Took, Fingolfin, Aragorn/Viggo Mortensen, The Ents, Galadriel, Mahtan and Alasse, Yavanna and Varda, Ecthelion of Gondolin, Maglor, Faramir, Ecthelion of Gondor, Denethor and Orodreth. Characters on hold are: Aredhel, Elrond, Marton Csokas, Glorfindel, Idril, Tuor, Maedhros, Karl Urban. Any other LOTR or Silmarillion characters are fair game and can be requested for play.

You should send and email to Jane at with an idea for the character that you would like to play. Send in a brief description of how you will situate the character in the Oxford setting and a short sample of your RP writing, no more than one paragraph. You will be notified immediately of your acceptance into the game and how to get started. Note that you can play more than one character and can develop secondary characters as are necessary for the action.

I look forward to hearing from you and feel free to contact me with questions about the game. There are many characters available and it is open to players of all levels.
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