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The Dreaming Theatre Seeks New Players!

lotr_dreams is the longest running RPS/FPS AU LOTR (whew! That's a lot of acronyms!) roleplay game on livejournal, having started in August of 2002. We're the game that's canon, and yet not. We're RPS and FPS. We're reality and AU colliding and careening on a regular basis. And it all makes a strange sense.

In The Dreaming Theatre, LOTR actors can 'shift' into their movie counterparts, and thus live a dual life centered in Wellington, New Zealand. Actors and their fantasy counterparts must come to terms with shifting and learn to live with each other. Middle Earth meets Modern Earth, and those from both worlds form alliances, become lovers, friends, and sometimes enemies.

Many posts in Dreams will be rated NC17, predominantly slash, and some encounters can be of a very intense nature. Please don't apply if you are under-age.

Recently we've had some longtime players retire from the game, and would love to find new playmates. If you're in search of a stable, long-term game, and are willing to write dual characters (an actor and his fantasy counterpart), maybe Dreams is right for you.

If you'd like to read a more detailed analysis of our game's premise, take a peek at The World Of Dreams.

And if you're wondering what characters are available, check our info page to see the roll-call of currently taken players. We'd especially love to see some hobbits, and some of the older men, but any free characters are quite welcome!

Questions? Want more info? Email the moderators at lotr.dreams (at) gmail (dot) com!
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Is this still the right email address to contact you at?
It certainly is! I check that addy about every other day, and I also check cocoajava (at) gmail (dot) com, um, obsessively. All day every day. So hit me at either one.

*is intrigued*
Okay, I sent something a few days ago, so I wasn't sure, but I can resend. :-)
I've had a crazy couple of days, tis canning season and I live in cow country. ;) But I see the re-send! I'll get back to you very soon - Monday at the latest. Thanks!
Oh wee!

Great, thank you!