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Splinters Of Reality

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Shards Of Arda
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Shards is a hub community for all the various LOTR-oriented "roleplaying games" on LiveJournal. Seeking a game to join? Want to find new players, replace a missing character, or boost a flagging campaign? This is the place. Plug your particular obsession!

(Note: Almost ALL of these games feature RPF/S = real-people fic/slash. If you don't know what this is, don't join.)

Canon(ish) ArdaShards
  • Fourth Age: Set after the War, Man-oriented.
  • Gondolin: In its last 15 years.
  • LOTR Roleplay: Mirrors the books.
  • Shadows Of Mordor: Minas Tirith after the books. (GJ)

    Warped ArdaShards
  • Caras Fain: A small private offshoot of TLH. (GJ)
  • Days Of The Shire: No-War, OFC/hobbit-oriented.
  • HobbitFanciers: Based on the Very Secret Diaries.
  • Last Light: Recasting LOTR with humans only. (GJ)
  • Middle-Earth SockPuppet Theater: Warped Arda -- first and largest!

    Crossover Shards (Actors & Characters)
  • After The War: Actors in Middle-Earth -- Fourth Age. (GJ)
  • The Dreaming Theater: Blurs reality and fantasy.
  • Middle-Earth SlashPuppet Theater: Some MESPT crossover.
  • Rings Resort: Actors, characters, anything goes.
  • Sinyamar: Silmarillion meets the 21st century. (GJ)

    "Canon" ActorShards
  • Fellowship Of The Cast: During filming (2000).
  • Lords Of The RPG Remix: It's back! Current-day.
  • LOTR Now: Current-day.
  • LOTR Reunion: Set at a cast reunion party.
  • Many Meetings: In NZ during pick-ups.
  • Shards Of Narsil: See community for details.
  • SlashyLOTR: See community for details.

    Disjointed ActorShards (No-Movie AUs)
  • Fidel's Cafe: Wellington coffeehouse.
  • Lauderville: Small-town American living.
  • Lords Of London: Turn-of-the-century London.
  • LOTR Bohemians: Set in Paris in 1903.
  • LOTR Noir: Set in 1950's Los Angeles.
  • The Pinkverse: Office politics at a PR firm.
  • University Of Middle-Earth: In college.

    Paranormal ActorShards
  • LOTR Playground: Heavy urban fantasy.
  • LOTR Underworld: Based on the movie -- vamps vs. lycans.
  • Mythos Of The Ring: Greek gods amalgam.
  • Shades Of Grey: Strange creatures in Wellington.

    UberShards (Celeb Games With LOTR Elements)
  • Ancient World: 65 B.C.E in Rome.
  • Anything Goes: Like it sounds.
  • Angels And Demons: Good vs. evil, literally.
  • Beyond The Mists: Set within Mists Of Avalon.
  • Dark Future: Post-nuclear 2358 A.D.
  • The Establishment: Sensuality/BSDM-themed, multi-genre. (JF)
  • Portals In Time: Based on Feist's Hall of Worlds.

    Transcendent Shards (For Everyone!)
  • Intershards: Read/post crossovers between games.
  • Dear Puppet: Finally, a place to chew out the bastards!
  • LOTR Personals: Bored? Lonely? A pup playground.
  • LOTR PWP: Any game. Anything goes. Really. *cough*
  • Spaceport Weini: A between-game any-genre get-away.
  • Token Het: About relationships with *gasp* the opposite sex.

    The Graveyard (Where The Dead Games Go)
  • The Fellowship: Rehab clinic.
  • Gangster LOTR: Streetwar in old London.
  • Gap Of Rohan: Mad and getting madder. (GJ)
  • Hobbiton: The Shire, pre-War.
  • Ici Londres: London 1941 -- war and intrigue.
  • Is This Arda: Post-War -- strange and amusing. (DJ)
  • Ithildin: Broadly Silmarillion-based.
  • The Last Homely RPG: After the Ring War. (B)
  • Lord Of The Barns: Includes characters and actors.
  • Lords Of The RPG: See community for details.
  • LOTR 1920: New Orleans in the 1920s.
  • LOTR Alternate Universe: General modern-day AU.
  • LOTR Civil: Set during the Civil War.
  • LOTR Crimson: Dark Vampire crossover.
  • LOTR Gathered: Has paranormal/magical elements.
  • LOTR Glimmer: Changeling setting.
  • LOTR Royals: Vaguely 1640s Scotland.
  • LOTR Slash: See community for details.
  • LOTR Vamps: World Of Darkness crossover in LA.
  • Manflesh: See community for details.
  • Method Actors: Play the actors' roles.
  • Middle-Earth Roleplay: New plotline.
  • Nenya University: In drama school.
  • New-Age Arda: Relocated to modern-day. (DJ)
  • Parallel Lords: The Ring is followed into modern Earth.
  • Pearl's Kitchen: See community for details.
  • Renaissance Dark: Vamps & weres in Italy, 1303.
  • Second Age: Canon Middle-Earth.
  • When In Rome: Roman occupation of Britain.
  • WhiteCity: Actors in Middle-Earth -- ROTK. -Ended
  • Vampire Slash Puppets: See community for details.