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come to morning | fourth age RP

Peace has permeated the land of Middle Earth since the War of the Ring. The Fourth Age has started anew, the year now 64. King Elessar reigns the Reunited Kingdom with his queen, Arwen Undomiel, at his side. Osgiliath is rebuilt and stands greater than it ever did before - though the world's shining light is that of Minas Tirith, which guides Middle Earth into the future.

But shadows are already forming. Samwise Gamgee is missing, Eomer is dead - his malicious son now King of Rohan - and Legolas and Gimli are nowhere to be found. A great Sickness is spreading across Middle Earth - rumours flying that those who die walk the next day. There is no cure in sight. Aragorn is in the North, forming peace treaties - the Fellowship of years past is torn asunder, now it is up to their children and the children of others to rise up to the task - a new generation to fight for their new world. They may remain in Gondor and at royal court, dealing with the power hungry King Elfwine, or perhaps they will travel to search for a cure to the great Sickness - or, perhaps, the source of it. Perhaps they come from far away, or perhaps they are the last of their kind - no matter what, it is up to them to help Middle Earth return to peace, and to keep the Dark Days from returning. Everyone - everything - is connected.

You can only come to the morning through the shadows.

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