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Lost In Camelot

Name & Website/Journal: Lost in Camelot lostincamelot

Format: live journal with aim preferred but not required

Genre: (AU Celebrity RPS.)

Contact: (lostcamelot_ooc

Game Info: Lost in Camelot is an AU RPS/Celebrity game in which the major characters (all played with a supernatural twist) have been relocated through an evil spell to King Arthur’s Camelot. Seemingly trapped, they must draw on their abilities both individually and as a team to survive the experience and perhaps, someday return to their homes. Along the way, the characters will face quests, challenges and other parts of life at court, becoming knights of the round table (or not), slaying dragons (or not) and generally attempting to stay alive in a place that none of them are familiar with. Medieval Mayhem meets supernatural fantasy rps in a blend inspired by the original whitecity rpg!

Needed characters: We’re looking for celebrity, especially actor pups of all sorts. So far we’ve got a good deal of Lord of the Rings and Robin Hood cast signed up but you aren’t limited to those. We’re also looking for minor knights and ladies of Arthur’s court and are offering some ‘cameo’ roles of larger Arthurian characters to players whom we know we can rely on.
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