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Two Role Playing Games Open

Openings for RPG Players

We have openings for players in
two Tolkien-based RPGs.

Mist and Shadows

World of Shadows

Mist & Shadows

Mist takes place with Third Age characters, but there is no set timeline or structured stories. There are openings for several elves, men, dwarves, hobbits, wizards, etc. If you join Mist, you can start or join into any story lines that appeal to you. There is no connection between threads and your character can play in multiple threads at the same time. If you're interested in joining, feel free to take a look at the
public boards thread

World of Shadows

WoS takes place after the Ring War, and only First and Second Age Elves are involved. (We arranged it this way because Mist had the Third Agers). WoS is a structured game, where all the threads build back into a main story. The main story is a mystery. The Valar have to send the elves back on missions to root out evil in Middle Earth. The elves don't always know why they are being sent out, they only know what they are supposed to retrieve. (In one recently completed mission, the elves brought back one of the silmarils; in another, they rescued Thranduil who had been held captive in ME with some of his people). It’s mainly thriller/action/adventure with a touch of romance. We are just starting another round of missions and have openings for several elves (off the top of my head I remember ...Finarfin, Elwing, Earendil, some of Feanor's sons....) For more information, have a look at the
public boards thread

Both games are in one location, but they take place on different forums. Both are board-based with no LJ or IM component required. You don't have to have any experience, we have 2 mods and an admin that are very proactive and willing to help you get started. We ask only that you commit to posting once a week or let us know if you'll be gone, and to have fun! If you'd like to respond here, you can comment to this post. Or email Larian at or me at or respond at the board by clicking on the links given above.

It is alot of fun and the storylines are open, meaning that anyone can start one. So give it a try.

Thank you...
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