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War for the Crown

Okay game hasn't started, looking for players who like playing created characters basically.    Right now we're looking for players who are allowed as many characters they can play.    You can play a canon character but it's hard to play that character with the current timeline.

The plot of the game is:
It's been a couple hundred thousand years since the nuculear winter. The nuclear winter had destroyed everything, nothing was left in its wake. People had survived underground while many did not and it was thousands of years underground living like space age and remainded so. Life began anew for some reason, large trees, forestry as if the world had looked to be an older time... Middle Earth. People went onto the world abandoning their once home underground to various lands.

After a hundred years, kingdoms have been returned... All but Gondor, it has become sieged by the hands of factions who fight for such a power as to reign king, queen, or dictator. But only the person who pulls out the sword can reign that bear a birthmark that mark them the descendent of the high kings of Gondor. Some of these marked adults and teenagers have become such dictators while others... Are being captures and killed to destroy any rivals to the throne. It is a civil war for the crown and people have taken on roles long thought lost... Farmers... Rangers... Seamstresses... Blacksmiths... And the like. So who's side will you take in this gruesome time?

*This storyline takes place several hundred thousand years after 2006.... And at point of 2006 AD, it's been atleast 9000 years since the war of the ring.*

Legolas is the only cannon character that remains.
The seven heirs are claimed already.
We are no longer accepting half elven characters, we already have two of them especially since they were  a rarity.
The game is set in movie-verse.
There is going to be some mature content... So 18 years and older only.

The Link to the site....

The other information if you're interested is in the link.
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